John R.

With a passion to lead people to their goals, John always strives to go one step further and exceed expectations. After working through training plans and nutritional approaches that didn’t work for him optimally, he decided to do something about it and offer his knowledge to others. John’s relentless curiosity and obsession with learning from experiences and research drives an approach that has far reaching applications. John takes on challenges with a people first, but data driven approach. His experience leading high performance teams at an executive level enables others to set and achieve their goals on and off the course. Obsessive is a good thing when used to provide you with all the knowledge and tools to meet your goal. John’s ability to assess each individual and apply cutting edge tools brings a new perspective to traditional methods.

John's philosophy is based on the notion that every athlete is unique. The more he can learn about your motivations, goals, and knowledge, the more value he can bring. Trust built over time is the foundation for open dialogue and can bring amazing results. John makes an effort to build this relationship with every athlete.

John has learned first hand that energy system utilization and optimization is a key component in endurance sports. Gray zone training diminishes improvement, while not maximizing recovery. Many athletes naturally gravitate towards this "not too hard, not too easy" workout protocol. As a result, athletes see minimal or subpar improvement with significant time investment. John's coaching brings value via his honesty and objectivity in this area. He will immediately bring concerns to the table for discussion and address them. If you want to take your performance to the next level, he is willing to do everything he can to see you get there.

John is driven by seeing you achieve success. That is his ultimate reward.


B.S. University of North Texas-Business/Hospitality Management (2003)

IRONMAN University Certified Coach (2016)