How Do You Compare Yourself to...Your Faster Self?

If you really care about your performance over the long term, train with the right coaches, and maintain the discipline, you expect to get faster (or the races get easier-more on that in another post...) An increase in FTP is a great thing. As you raise the bar each season, how do you know if your increase in benchmarks and training protocol will translate to performance?

One way to look at this is using TrainingPeaks to measure your fitness, form, and recovery. However, some people may be self coaching and working harder and harder and not seeing that "blue line" move much. You know you're fitter, but the data doesn't reflect the ramp rate.

In my past 3 years of racing, I noticed that my PMC (performance management chart) was not showing much improvement, however I was racing faster. If the PMC is a true predictor of (relative) better performance, then why isn't the number higher? Note: we will dive into PMC and how we use it in the future.

How do you align this performance reporting tool to reflect actual potential and build the right ramp rates and taper?

A solution is to recalculate previous TSS when your thresholds change. Because, when those thresholds change, you're not comparing apples to apples. Your previous seasons reflect higher fitness, but now you raised the bar and you are meeting, but not exceeding those numbers. You actually are-if you go back and restate those previous efforts at the new "bar".

To demonstrate, I've loaded my previous 8 months of data:

PMC recalculated from 280wFTP to 300wFTP

Prior to recalculating, I was barely meeting last year's peak CTL/ATL (based on the dotted line forecast). Afterward the re-baseline, you can see that if all things work out well, I will go into my next race with about a 10pt improvement in CTL.

This is just something to keep in mind when comparing year over year. As your fitness increases, you need to re-baseline those previous efforts against you new standard of performance.

Don't want to worry about any of this? We can take care of it for you :) Just send me a note!

John R.