Todd N Jr.


TJ Neer or Todd Neer Jr., as you may have seen in race results, is a born and raised small town Texan. He lives in San Antonio and is a new father to a beautiful baby girl. His passion for endurance sports started early with the completion of his first 5k race (Chuy's Hot To Trot 5k) at 9 years old. He raced at McMurry University with a specialty in the 3000m steeplechase. In 2011, pursuing a childhood goal, he signed up for Ironman Coeur d'Alene. With a year to prepare, he bought a bike, signed up for his first marathon, and got a pool membership (not a recommended approach!). Catching the triathlete fever, TJ has now completed three 140.6 and numerous 70.3 and Olympic distance races. Somewhere along the way he, embracing his inner nerd (B.S. Physics), got swept away in the data and analytics of triathlon training.

Philosophy - Balance of Science and Art

In my experience (success and failure), I believe athletes should not train with blinders. It is important for athletes to know the purpose of each workout and how it contributes to their goals and season objectives. My training plan support includes an open dialogue that encourages the athletes to question and understand every part of their training. The complexity of training metrics (Watts, TSS, CTL, Zones, HR, TSB, etc) can be overwhelming. I analyze, model, and adjust my athlete's training plans against these data points. Keeping it simple for the athletes, I focus on bringing them in tune with their bodies while they learn to use their metrics as a frame of reference. My goal is to equip my athletes with the experience and knowledge that empowers them to make smart training and race day decisions.


IRONMAN University Certified Coach